So What’s This MDWealth Thing All About?

Well, to put it simply, this web site is a response to the problems we Canadian MDs face when it comes to properly managing our money.

Here’s how I sum up the situation when it comes to the vast majority of Canadian doctors and our personal finances:

Informationatosis + CFS + Parasites = Sad Canadian MD


  • Informationatosis = Way too much financial information out there to reasonably navigate.  Very little of the information we are able to find is tailored specifically to our situations, so we have to spend a lot of time interpreting it.
  • CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) = We already work hard. Most of us just don’t have the additional energy or interest it takes to become financially savvy too.
  • Parasites = There’s a whole industry relying on the above and specifically dedicated to doctors who don’t understand money.  These people have different interests than we do and use our money and lack of financial savviness to their advantage.

Well, here’s our response:

Badassedness = Happy Canadian MD


  • Badassedness = Possessing the knowledge, capability, and confidence to make the changes necessary in our lives to ensure a financially secure future for ourselves and our loved ones without compromise.

This is where I hope you will get with this blog.  My hope is to create a community of interested and engaged Canadian MDs to make this happen.  That’s why I created this.

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